In this video, we will discuss exactly how you can start making money with Clickbank. Out of all the affiliate networks on the web, Clickbank is one of the largest and most reputable services to market products.

There are two routes to take when marketing a product as an affiliate:
1. Paid traffic
2. Free traffic

I would highly recommend beginning your marketing journey by utilizing free traffic sources as it requires no overhead costs and offers greater initial profit opportunities.

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  1. Nate, you've mentioned to go all in 100% on only 1 thing at a time, but it seems like you do lots of different things to make money simultaneously. Do you mind speaking on this? Love the channel!

  2. Question. In a past video you said that stocks with 9-10%+ yields are a no go. I found a stock called clm. Gives 23% and hasn’t missed a payment in an incredible amount of time.

  3. Hello, I would like to share my testimony here deepwebservice01 AT gmail DOT com raised my credit score immensely and I could not have had 850 score without the help of their experts. I’m very grateful and would recommend them to anyone! They also clear credit card debts, remove bankruptcy, student loans. Tell them I referred you

  4. The ONLY way you can make money with this, is by spending a lot of time, on referring people, which effectively makes it a pyramid scheme. The little money you can make without referrals, is so limited, that you're not likely to even make enough to withdraw it.

  5. I very rarely comment on Youtube but I have to say Nate, I’ve never met you but I can tell you’re the type of guy who does these things for the love of it without any particular alterior motive. I’ve been watching your videos for just over a month and I am consistently impressed by the value that you provide. It is genuine and extremely helpful and for that I am very grateful. I run a large steakhouse/restaurant in London so if you’re ever in the city and want a delicious steak just give me a shout haha 🙂 I look forward to being an avid watcher and follower of yours for as long as you keep providing this creative and valuable context. Good stuff man, keep it up! 🙂

  6. Nate or other users- is clickbank open for people under 18? Most finance apps/sites are age locked with the SSN collection and I've had accounts denied before. Thanks though

  7. If you don’t spend your life on social media garnering a massive following, don’t bother with this. You’ll just spend tons on paid for clicks and get pretty much no turn over.


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