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In This video, I will show you a Free autoresponder 2017 which will allow you to create free landing pages and email sequences. If you have less than 1000 people on your email list, be sure to check out mailerlite as it is a free autoresponder 2017 and will allow you to create free email sequences!

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  1. is it just me or did you forget to show us how to upload the pdf we would be sending them?.. they'll go to the landing page,fill out the details but when do they receive their content? you didn't upload anything for them to receive

  2. Thank you so much. I am just staring out in Affiliate marking and money is real funny.not only that i am still puting all the peaces togerther so i can do the program rite , but thanks to u and others befor me i no i have a chance! thank you

  3. I have watched many videos on this topic but no one explained it like you did, great video, easy to follow.Thanks, but i always get stuck on the issue of a domain because i dont have a website.

  4. hey dude, thx for the video, i would like to ask you, if my account is not approved yet because i dont have my website domain yet, can i create and use the landing and the thank you page?

  5. Thanks! You explained a lot through this video. But I have a question. Are the visitors able to land on my affiliate page after they add their email. If so, where should I paste my affiliate link?

  6. Hey, Dude! Any chance we can get Bitrix24 reviewed by you as well? We are a free CRM and marketing automation platform. The free plan lets you send 5000 emails a month and you can get SMS, instant messaging and voice broadcasting (robocalling) campaigns as well. Unlike most email marketing tools, Bitrix24 is a free full featured CRM. This means unlimited contacts, quotes, invoicing, product catalogs, pipeline management, lead nurturing, landing pages, capture forms, etc. Pretty please?


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