Email marketing is still the number one way to establish trust, credibility and generate more revenue in 2018. Learn about my exact email marketing strategy that you can use to grow your online business fast.

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It is widely known that your email list is your most valuable asset for your online business. That statement is a partial truth and is missing the fact that you must have a positive relationship with your email list too.

How do you build this positive relationship with your email list? Email marketing!

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Through sending helpful and valuable emails you are able to stand out in your subscribers’ inbox and ultimately build trust through delivering valuable information regularly.

I recommend emailing every single day which is something my wife has done for over two years now.

Before the daily emails begin, it is best to take your subscribers through a follow up sequence and you can learn how we create our autoresponder sequences in this video:

Now if you want to know how the email marketing automation works to actually set all this up… Be sure to watch this step-by-step email marketing tutorial that shows the process:

Personally I am new to the email every day world and with just a few months of experience I’m noticing a significant increase in the number of comments, replies, clicks and ultimately revenue I’m generating from my email marketing in 2018.

Many people are scared that they will see a large amount of unsubscribes right away… Neither my wife nor I experienced this, although we did have the fear.

Other people are worried that they won’t come up with enough ideas to email, which if you’re not in a niche that you’re truly an expert in… This may be true!

But you have chosen a niche that you have a level of expertise in so coming up with topics to email every day is actually very easy.

Similar to how a 90 day video challenge works (as explained in this video: ) consistently emailing every day forces you to come up with new topics and new ideas that are helpful and useful to your audience.

This is all a part of the process of being of service at scale!

You will also find that through your email marketing you’re creating new content that can ultimately be published to your blog, Instagram account, Facebook, twitter, and other social media outlets.

You will also find that some of your email topics deserve their own videos and this will be a source of new ideas for your video marketing, too.

Also, it is important to remember that most of your audience are not living the life they desire. This is why they subscribe to your list in the first place! They accepted your offer for the free lead magnet to help them solve the problem.

Your daily emails continue to help them along their path, offer them entertaining and informative content that simply furthers your relationship and get you closer to the sale.

If you are only emailing when you have something new to promote, or once a month… You’re missing the boat! People will forget about who you are from when they opted in until they receive your next offer email, next month.

You need to stay top of mind at all times and emailing every day is the key to this process!

The final benefit is that you will become a much better copywriter, fast. As someone who personally has doubted my own writing abilities… The process of emailing my list dozens of times in the last month has really “flexed the muscle” of writing email copy and now I’m experiencing higher quality copywriting that comes more easily and takes less time.

As with everything, there is a learning curve… And a bit of practice goes a long way to helping you get better fast!

If you want more info on our approach to email marketing, here is a live speech my wife Melanie and I did about how we build, grow and monetize our email lists:



  1. Would it really be the worst idea to have your e-mail marketing sequences be pre-built and static as opposed to writing a new e-mail every single day? The whole motivation for starting an online business for me is the passive income.

  2. Hi Miles thank you for your very helpful video. I have purchased the thrivethemes using your link and now I am trying to start my mailing list and I am unsure how to use the thrive leads and the aweber. If you can give me your insights how I can utilize both for my site. Thank you for the help.

  3. Great video. I've been following you and many other marketers for years now and I see how it's done. Make a separate funnel for each interest within your main interest (my example: high-ticket drop shipping > niche selection, conversion optimization, driving traffic, etc.) and then make emails that offer a free video that explains the "secrets", send them to the squeeze page, then on the bridge page i deliver the video and make an offer for a front-end mini-course ($97 or so), and then follow up with them via email to provide them a bunch of value broken down into little chunks over a week or two, then pitch the course again, if they didn't buy. That's the overall plan, now comes the work to get it all done.

  4. Hey Miles, I have been trying to get your course now for several weeks. But I never receive anything, not even in my spam box.. I hope you can help me solve this problem.

  5. Great video Miles! Please make a video about why you use those autoresponders soon! On the other hand, I have another question: which software do you use to manage your funnels since you dont use ClickFunnels?

  6. Hey Miles, thanks for such great content on your channel!

    I asked this question on a video you made about FB Pixels but it was a video from a year ago, so I just wanted to ask it here as this video was most recent.

    I wanted to know if you could share with us how we can "exclude" or "whitelist" my staff's IP addresses & my IP address to avoid the Pixel tracking us because creating LLA or CA of ourselves doesn't help much 🙂 LOL and obviously it skews the data.

    Thanks for your help and guidance!

  7. ConvertKit is looking pretty good for an email service. I hope they can keep up their momentum and continue to progress. Thanks again big buddy for another stimulating video. I'm telling you, I really look forward to your next videos "always". I count the days down until the next one comes out. Kinda weird, but, it really helps me to keep on pluggin' away at the process. Thankyou! Isn't it a really exciting business – this online marketing thing. Our newest online pursuits are coming along slowly but things they are a-happenin'. Cheers!

  8. Thanks again, Miles! 🙂 Always good to reinforce this point. Question: what are you planning to do regarding the upcoming GDPR law in EU? I know you also sell in the UK, and this will surely impact a lot on email marketing. Maybe a topic for a new video? 🙂 GDPR is all about transparency and consent, so your philosophy blends well

  9. Sometimes I think about sending an email to my subs but then I think "I better make a video on this topic!" and not send it in the end. I should probably follow your example – write emails and then make videos.

    What is your open rate if you don't mind me asking?

  10. Wow! Daily emails? I will try this. Is it a good idea to set up a 30 email sequence to each list when new subbies sign up? Then after the first 30 emails, move to weekly emails? Thanks again, Terry.

  11. Hey Miles, right now I’m writing an email sequence to my list. I wrote 50 emails to take the readers to different blog posts. Just like you, I’m doing this daily, because I wrote 50 long and very helpful blog posts.

    In every email I have a PS info with a link to my product, I’m every blog post I also have the product offer around in a way that is not pushy. Do you think this is going to work ? Any advice on that ?


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