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In this video, you will learn 25 email marketing tips and tricks for beginners, as well as best practices. Email marketing has taken over as one of the top ways to convert traffic into sales online and will continue to be that way through the rest of 2016 and beyond. If you aren’t getting as many subscribers, clicks or sales conversions as you want from your internet marketing, you probably need to get back to the basics with your email strategy. These strategies and tactics should get you on track towards making significant progress in your email marketing. Enjoy the video full of email marketing tips and tricks for beginners!



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  2. Hey guys, I have a HUGH data base to give you all for free. Sure email scraping gets you their email address but my logs contain names, email address, locations and ages. Email me and i will forward the excel to you , alexannims@gmail.comm

    I have worked hard for a solid 15 months gathering the majority of this list, This is really important because now you know that all the contacts within this campaign list are recent and active users.

    The reason I am giving this list away for free is I gathered all the data solely for a marketing documentary I was making for my degree. I was never intending to use it for marketing but with all the research I completed over the last 2 years has really opened my eyes that it really sucks to be starting out in this market in this current time on the internet, back a few years ago email address were readily available to anyone even on googles results pages! THINK 10 years ago and how chain emails worked, people actually spammed other people silly superstitions while other savoy people just scoped up the emails in the thousands without even looking! Anyway, as usual i get my uni head on and start ranting but the main point is I can see this being a VERY VERY valuable resource to someone that's just starting out today, kinda like a booster pack for free 🙂

    If you have read this whole comment and understand what i am trying to do and why I would like to help people PLEASE LIKE THIS comment so others can see it to!!!

  3. Thank you very much, I'm a hairstylist and I work for myself right now i want to sign up with godaddy for my email marketing but I'm so nervous because i haven't done it before I pray that it will be a great experience. Your video opens my eyes and i learn so much that i didn't know.

  4. These are the 25 tips if you're scrolling through the comments, hoping someone wrote them for you:
    1 Use the right email service (Aweber / Infusionsoft)
    2 Make it easy for them to subscribe (Easy Opt in)
    3 Target people in your niche
    4 Offer lead magnet to attract people, provide free value before selling
    5 Welcome email after subscribing
    6 Send yourself a test email
    7 Encourage subscribers to follow on social media
    8 Make sure people can unsubscribe (Illegal to do otherwise)
    9 Autoresponder based on subscriber's time
    10 Make sure the From of email is your brand
    11 Use scarcity (stock, time)
    12 Note open (25% is good) and click-through rates (3-5% is good)
    13 Provide 80% free value, 20% selling.
    14 Use short, punchy (attention-grabbing) subject lines
    15 Have 2-3 of same link you want subscriber to click in the email
    16 Have Call to action in emails
    17 Segment list of subscribers based on their stats and preferences
    18 Read the emails yourself before sending
    19 Use RSS email for templates
    20 Choose right templates (text or image-based)
    21 Optimise email for all platforms (including phones)
    22 Use short, sweet copywriting (short paragraphs, slim margins)
    23 Not too often
    24 Ensure all links in email work
    25 Avoid getting caught by spam filter (<3 links, not using spammy words, not overusing icons and images)

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