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  1. This guy and his bullshit is a complete fraud save yourself the time he promises to teach you how to make your own 6 figure income online then wastes your time explaining everything in extremely vauge metaphors that barley make sense and then tells you it is impossible unless you pay $3000 for a course where he actually explains it. Email marketing is not something anyone can just do the way this guy is making it seem. You have to already have a newsletter or blog or online business, and already be selling things. For this to even start to work you have to already be selling a product online which is an entirely separate complicated time consuming investment. In short just save yourself the wasted time. This guy is full of shit

  2. Becker instead of advertising all day long you could invest your money into improving the shitty buggy software Im using from u for 300$ a month or the 997$ course I paid. Promises promises promises but I see only mediocre stuff from u. I’m soon moving away from your software enjoy the 3000$ I gave u these last months and please guys go somewhere else, Garyvee has better advice to make you both respected and financially successful. The Becker style gains 0 respect, the customer is treated as a number. If you don’t care about your integrity then go with this guy that says he’s doin a live webinar when it’s always recorded always lying to everyone


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