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Clickbank Case Study – How I Made $460 With 2 Hours Of Work

Guys, this is a beginner friendly strategy that I share in this video with clickbank affiliate marketing and I hope it helps you out!

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  1. Marrissa is it necessary to have a "seasoned" youtube channel to be able to have success with video reviews? Or can a newbie just have a brand new channel, post a video with links in description and get results? I think I have a limiting belief installed, that I need to build up my channel or know how to rank youtube videos to get eyeballs to the video for launch jacking just with a video review. And big thanks for all the info you share.. learning alot, feeling motivated to get back in the game after 8 years of trying to make something work consistently and never actually getting there in the affiliate marketing space, I ran away for a long time and pound pavement in the JOB(just over broke) world.. shiny object syndrome blinded me.

  2. It's amazing how people like this have 17,000 followers but somebody doing daily vlogs about there life and all the money they make without trying to assist anyone with securing there finances have 1+ million followers.

  3. The thing I keep running into is no will outline step by step how to do any of this. I’m not computer savvy and I’m really struggling because of this. I really need the meat and potatoes on how to do this. Can you or will you help me? Please?

  4. I am not famous or anything. I'm 21 year old and unemployed but I am Interested in Affiliate marketing but I'm from the Caribbean . We don't really do stuff like that so I don't have anyone to show me each step to start.


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