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Clickbank For Beginners | How To Make Money On Clickbank for FREE (Step By Step)

Step 1: Pick A Trending Niche

– Fad Diets
– Affiliate Marketing
– Ecommerce
– CBD Oil
– Cryptocurrency

Step 2: Build An Audience On One Social Media Platform Through Daily Value (90 Day HUSTLE)

Facebook – Post on your wall and in Facebook groups related to your niche

How to make money with Facebook:

YouTube – Create videos around topics in your niche that are in high demand

Learn how to rank #1 on YouTube here:

Step 3: Monetize (Make Money)

– People will naturally reach out to you on Facebook asking for more info
– Include an affiliate link in the description of Your YouTube Videos
* use a link tracking tool like or clickmagick

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  1. why some days you only make less that 20$ like in 24 to 28 september are there ups and downs on this busniess ? and what about poor countries like philipines – Nepal – Jamaica do they buy clickbank products on the internet or NO ???? please answer


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