Fastest Way to Make Money with Clickbank for Beginners

In this video, I’m going to demonstrate the fastest way to make money with clickbank for beginners. It’s a simple, step by step method that anyone can follow even if you’re brand new to clickbank and affiliate marketing. Here are the steps:

1. Pick a high converting product in clickbank
2. Create a quick campaign using the info from the product
3. Send targeted traffic to the squeeze page.
4. Setup an automated follow up campaign
5. Rinse and Repeat

This video will give you the fastest way to make money with clickbank for beginners. Take action on this and most of all be consistent and you’re reap the rewards.

Need Clickbank fast money? Watch this video –

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DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!



  1. Great video sir! What else is needed after you pay the initial money to use clickfunnels? Is it an all in one software or am I going to have to spend extra cash to maximize the software? Like the autoresponder..

  2. Good evening. I'm somewhat new to affiliate marketing. I'm in the process of promoting an affiliate offer from click bank using a squeeze page on click funnels.

    I was wondering, if we need to integrate an autoresponder for click funnels.
    I need to get the click funnels squeeze page and the affiliate offer's funnel to work together. (My offer has a video on a sales page) all I need is the squeeze page and email list.
    Is there a way to see my email list once I've built it over time?

    As for the automation section when customizing my squeeze page(on click funnels), how do I link leads to the offer(how does the squeeze page lead to the affiliate offer link)?

  3. So what if the people who opted in through your landing page also bought the product your promoting? Will you send them those email swipes as well? How can you tell if they already bought or not?

  4. Thank you so much, hands down I was struggling how to find promoters to sell, I have be trying to figure this out for a few years now since I started back with clickbank, thx you thx you for the short cut to be able to build my list

  5. Sorry not showing how to make money. There are 1000s of videos on YT that all show the same thing. Picking a CB offer and choosing a traffic source. What do none (and I do mean zero) show? The actual *results*. Money is made (and lost) once you start spending money, tracking keywords and landers and optimising campaigns. These videos should be called 'fastest way to get started with clickbank and solo ads'.

  6. Can you tell us the best email service to use with what ever auto responder we use so double opt-in emails will not go to there spam folder, therefore possibly loosing that potential customers. Reason I am asking, because I have had that problem by using free Gmail! with a couple differnt ones like getresponse aweber. I hope you understand what I'm saying? Thank you for any help on this subject! You know what your doing so I'm sure you can help! Your content is the best Jon!!!

  7. hey Jon, in my last campaign (which also was my first), I spent 400$ sending traffic to this landing page using google ads over the period of a couple of months and received about 100 new subscribers, but out of those people, only 2 people ended up buying the clickbank product I was promoting for a grand total of 50$ earned… can people really make a PROFIT by direct linking to a clickbank product right after they opt in? Arent people going to spend more on ads than the profit they will make? Have you PERSONALLY made this work for yourself? Ive heard that most click ban affiliates lose money on the first sales, but make a profit by sending future offers to that list of buyers?

    Not trying to sound like im bitching or someting… Just trying to learn, thx a lot for the vids! Really appreciate it!


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