Recommend you two amazing email marketing software that offers you free plan within 2,000 subscribers limit, which are totally suitable for newbie!

List of recommended email marketing software:

I’m literally talking from my experience using them, especially when I was a newbie in marketing. They have helped me a lot on building good email marketing campaign!

Too lazy to watch throughout the video?
Check out the video timeline:

0:00 – Introduction, what do email marketing provide?
0:45 – Why I wanted to make this video?
1:52 – Why choose free starter plan from recommended email marketing software?
3:33 – First recommendation of email marketing software for newbie: Benchmark, I use this software when I was a newbie
4:20- 1st Feature of Benchmark: Integration with social network media
05:29 – 2nd Feature of Benchmark: Provisions of amazing email templates
07:43 – Second recommendation of email marketing software for newbie: MailPoet, I’m using this software!
10:25 – Showing you MailPoet plugin in my WordPress dashboard, see how the email template looks like.
11:11 – Amazing features of MailPoet: Main reason why I chose this

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  3. This is very informative video you got here. Im looking for a Mailchimp alternative and dont have a big email list yet and MailPoet is good for those people who have yet to have a big list. Thank you for this video! Please keep posting informative videos!

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