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How To Make Money On Clickbank For Beginners – Step By Step (Unique Strategy)

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Check out this video where I go over one strategy to make money with Clickbank that not many people are talking about.

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  1. This strategy actually DOES work. Just last week I saw a Youtube tutorial by a guy that tried this exact same strategy with a Clickbank offer and he made $8,800 in one week.

  2. This product (organifi) is not directly available to affiliate. It requires approval and since long I tried but no approval yet. Around 6month passed already. Another thing please share tips.. how people get ready to buy your stuff.

  3. Just one question, so in the example on the video, would we be buying space on the Fitlife.tv page to have a link selling this same product organifi or a different one? I know we will probably do a different product and selling spot altogether, I am just trying to understand if it would be selling that product. It seems like that would be the case because we are trying to sell this in the spot its selling the best. Is that correct?

  4. Hey Marissa, what are your thoughts on GDPR and how is that impacting your list building or is it. Are you doing anything special in terms of your UK efforts and any additional checkbox's. I have to say GDPR is in the back of my mind and kind of slowing me from proceeding.

  5. I always wanted to trade online, but i didn't want to risk hundreds of dollars i started with Mr Williams strategy, learned the basics and started raising the bar slowly. i have been trading for about 7 months and i have made over $154,000 already.. so if you are interested in making more cash online everyday or per months feel free and contact this email for help and support.. Williamsdevid1952@gmail. com


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