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Hey guys its Justin here and in this video I’m going to show you how to promote clickbank products without a website with free fast traffic.
This is the exact same blueprint I pretty much created that anyone can and should follow if they would like to make money online. So the secret tool is Filters, filters, filters. Play around with them, experiment with different keywords and see how they manage to workout. It really does come to your creativity in this one so I would highly recommend you try it out.

The MAIN goal here is to get in contact with Youtubers who have valuable videos who at the same time aren’t super doper popular…otherwise you’ll never get in contact with them, I hope you understand now.

Some keywords that I can reveal to you, that worked extremely well in my favor are Transformation, How I got rid of Acne, Dog Training, THERE ARE HEAPS MORE OUT THERE, every month so check the filters every month. BTW PS…no one does this cause they don’t know about it.

Business Inquiry Template as promised: (I recommend GMAIL if you aren’t using already, very manageable)
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(Hey there!! I want to put my link to my website/blog where I share heaps of tips on ********, in your video.

I will pay ** dollars a week into your paypal email address if you can leave my website in the description so you can help me send targeted traffic to it so it can rank higher in google and I’ll get noticed.

Please get back to me ASAP Thank You!)

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  1. Hi Justin, I tried this method and it did not work. My affiliate link is currently posted in the description of 2 YouTube videos. 1 has 1.5M views and the other 3.8M views. My affiliate links have been live in their descriptions for 48 hours and NOTHING. No sales. Please tell me what I did wrong.

  2. This is a complete pile of shit..Firstly look at the sentences..They are worded really badly…This guy need to go back to school..Secondly he left it at I will pay you and moved on..You notice all these idiots give you a little piece of info but not all of it..I make more money than this guy..However I save peoples lives..This person is just a kid who chatters too much and needs an education

  3. You can try influencer marketing to help you promote virtually anything online. It works by utilizing influencers which are technically popular people on the social media to promote and advertise. This enables a very effective way of kick starting in terms of presence. If you're interested, it's effectiveness scales with the platform, so if you're looking for a good platform to start, i can recommend one with legitimate and good influencers, phlanx


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