This Video will Show your How to send 1K Email Every Hour for your business marketing and promotions. You can use POP3/SMTP/Gmail for business/Webmail/Shared or VPSServer.

You can use your own unlimited number of temples to avoid spam issue.

I use Mozilla Thunderbirds to send an email to my customer, but the problem is I can’t send more than 1 email at a time.

After using An Add-on called Mail Merge in Mozilla Thunderbirds I can send email from Excel CSV database. Also, I am able to check send the item and deliver -read status. I mush have tools for all internet marketer.

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Music and Voice by – Mr. Anirban Karmakar – CYBER EXPO

Project Inspired By:
Jaydev K

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  1. i have 700 million emails any body buy it just 20000 rs only after full payment received i send 700 million emails all payment received payment by paypal ot paytm wallet or neteller


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