– Here’s a cool trick that I learned to turn GMail in to an autoresponder. Allow it to automatically reply to the most frequent e-mails that you receive.

This is a remake of an older video. The original can be seen here:

Here’s a couple ways that you can use this…

1. Tell people on your blog to email you with a specific subject line in order to receive a bonus. Automatically send back the bonus without any extra effort. Open communication with some of your most engaged readers and collect their email.

2. Tell people to email you with a specific subject line while being interviewed on a podcast. Automatically send them a bonus. Open communication with new fans and collect their email.

3. Mail your existing mailing list and ask them to reply to your email for a bonus. Soliciting replies on your email greatly boosts email deliverability rates.​​​​​​

4. Create an automatic reply with links to helpful resources when someone fills out your website’s contact form. This is one of the ways that I still personally use this.

5. Create automatic responses for your most commonly asked customer questions. This will speed up the response time when people have issues.

This can be turned into a powerful tool if you think outside the box!



  1. Matt, I noticed your video was published in 2016 and it`s now 2018 I have gotten all the way up to the part where you have the part when you compose but it dose not have the canned responses option at the bottom right corner I enabled canned responses in the labs as you said to do, what should I do next or has Gmail done away with their autoresponder.?

  2. Thanks Matt. A couple of questions!

    Do I have to keep the canned response email in the draft folder or jest delete it?

    Can this be done with attachments? Whilst testing, the response email goes out with no issues but with no attachment.

    Grateful for any advice 😉

  3. Hi Matt, great video. I've been thinking about trying to use Gmail as a starter AR, but had concerns about reliability and such, Tried to bulk email 60 people recently and ALL were sent to spam and marked as spam by Gmail.
    I've been looking at many AR systems to decide who to start with. Aweber, GR, Sendlane, Mailchimp, your program Active Campaigns, etc. Would like to start out with integration with Amazon (I have approval for 59K/day limits, but have NO list yet.
    Any suggestions on who I should start with that I can scale with later? Money is an issue but hopefully not for long. Something that integrates with Amazon would be the ideal programs. Thanks.

  4. Hey Matt,
    Thanks for the info !! I have been thinking about doing similar, but do you know how to
    have the replies received moved into a specific circle and/or list ? This would then allow you to bulk mail everyone that replied to you ! This would eliminate the need for a paid
    ARS !

  5. Hello Matt,

    Once again thank you so much for your tips, tactics and all the knowledge you share with us.

    Talking about this video, should I assume that if one is already using an email marketing/autoresponder service, we should be better off using it instead of Gmail, right?


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