Explaining how to promote using different types of resources. Explaining the four steps that Affiliates use to grow income. Answering some questions with a straight forward answers. Just keeping it real, if any questions or comments please note at the bottom and I will response back.



  1. Your cute. Love how you explain your found information in great detail. Good work sweetie. Hope you continue giving out videos on how your results are going with click bank. It would be a great help to us new people srarting on click bank. Your doing a great job and service. Thank you.

  2. hello essence it has been a long time how is it going with the Clickbank thing I just started but nothing please make another video we want to know if you are doing better with clickbank stuff if you got rich

  3. thank u 4 keeping it one hundred. myself I haven't begun and the reason for this delay is because there's all this information and no real details . therefore, i'm cautious and patient . u r the first person to not give me the run around.

  4. A little reminder
    Do you ever thinking that when you make a video, how will a person "hear" that who's headphones are broken ?and in the middle of the night he or she can not buy it immediately.
    So that you will lose a view?
    There are millions of that situation holding people over there in this big population, so you must consider that and so the moral of the story is,
    – thanks.

  5. Don't feel bad! Sweetheart! I been trying from 1989 to 2018 and only make $300 from ClickBack Products. But I also is still trying. Remember about the story of the guy, who been digging for gold for one year and stop! And then the next guy dig for only five more feet in the same spot and got very very RICH $$$!

  6. Great Video cutie yes you are right you hit the nail right on the head with this it takes lot's of hard work and time I'm trying to my self and it is just what you say it is……and just think I'm trying to retire from truck driving we'll see one day. go to myspace look me up I'll except friendship.

  7. To be honest I struggled for months trying to figure out how to do affiliate marketing with ClickBank. They are so many different strategies and so many ways of doing it out there that you just get lost and confused with all the information . But honestly you just need to get it program that works. ClickBank University worked for me and if you haven't found something that works for you yet I would suggest giving it a chance.

  8. Run $5 fb ads to a landing page (like clickfunnels) then link this to the affiliate page on clickbank. It really is that simple. However, you seem like a smarter cookie than that. If you want to build a passive sustainable income with a great company take a look at Karatbars and this 5 steps to freedom video (free with no optin). http://www.goldsecrets.org. Best wishes, Mark

  9. So true what you said I'm right in the same boat you are figure out about the same thing you did it's not easy at all but I'm definitely going to try and make it work you should try out get response .com it free for 30 days

  10. Very informative video. Thanks for taking the time to share your journey. Keep your positive attitude and don't give up. You don't need luck you've got the drive. You can do this and you will be successful!!!


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