I made a short video on the 6 easiest CPA Networks you can join. Including 4 that CPA Networks that Offer Instant Approval.

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  1. Hey Sherisse,

    Just wanted to add some insights to this video. I'm a member of a number of "strict" CPA networks and I got in without any REAL history in the space, and this is how I did it… PICK UP THE PHONE!

    Something that I learned a while back is that these CPA networks are staffed by people who are half my age and have 1/3rd the life experience that I do… meaning they're just people doing a 9-5 job. I don't mean that disparagingly. what I mean is when you apply to a CPA network, you're not applying for a position in the West Wing (not that I'd want that, but that's another story).

    The point is, the "gatekeepers" for CPA networks are ordinary people, who get on a bus or train or drive to get to work and leave work at the end of the day. So after submitting your application, get on the phone the next day and just be honest about your experience, expectations and goals!

    Example: "I'm new to CPA marketing and I'm applying the methods taught in Bing Bang Profits", "I plan on setting up a blog and driving traffic via banner ads", I'm learning Facebook marketing and want to apply that to email submit offers…

    The point is TALK to a live person, explain your particular situation and if it's a good fit, you'll get approved!

    What's the worst that can happen? Application denied… okay, move on to the the 427 CPA networks out there!

    Hope it helps 🙂



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