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  1. Can someone tell me if i upload videos from youtubers in a top10 or 5 review with the names of the channel on the video screen of each! Like a channel review) will i still get a strike or is that fair use?

  2. Is me Asadul Awan from Miami how are you can I upload many videos thru Creative Commons using other people’s yourube videos per day or just 1 video per day.And I want to know that if I should edit the video using video editing software website or I could just upload the same video without editing on websites like camtasia or online video converter i have a YouTube channel which is my name I should just keep it right or do I need to. Change it when I get paid how would I get the direct deposit thru Paypal or other sources becuase I was searching that on the settings tab on YouTube and I didn’t see the section where you could enter the Paypal information so you could get paid they your bank please tell me everything I really appreciate it thank you very much.

    Asadul Awan


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