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Hey everyone it’s Paolo here and in this video I’m going to show you how to promote your clickbank affiliate products even if you are a complete beginner.

I’m super excited because on this video I reveal the product to product, the strategy, the landing page, and the traffic source where I get my buyers.

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  1. Hey Paolo: Saw another one of your vids and you were talking about building a bridge page on Facebook to promote products from Click Bank. Do you go over that strategy too? Just trying to learn as much as I can so I can skip the 9 to 5.and work for myself. BTW, Great Video!!! Looking to learn a lot from you and make my success a reality!!! Thanks, Buddy!!!

  2. Very good training! You started at the end and worked backwards to the beginning…awesome. This is much easier to understand than the tutorials that teach affiliate by starting with "find your audience niche".

  3. hey I'm doing the tutorials but i wanted to just listen through before i can take note and implement what you are teaching. Is that possible since the counter is counting as to how many lessons done and Im worried to just listen for i may not go back. because i'm not sure how you set it up. So my question is can I be able to go back couple time before i buy stuff and do what it takes? By the way thank you and I have been wanting to do this and watched a lot on this. I just feel people make money on just talking but for some reason i got drawn to yours, I hope it works for real. so far i'm following and understanding your lessons.

  4. Paolo, really nice video. Can this be done outside of USA and Canada? I need urgent help to earn money to prevent my family from ending up on street. I live in a hurricane Irma destroyed country and have gone through my savings to pay bills. 1000s have loss homes, jobs, and on the street and shelter. There are no local jobs r way of making local income. Is why something just tell me check online although no one here ever speaks of online work. Please let me know thanks!

  5. Thanks for making this video. I am a beginner and I am a visual person that loves a Legit Blueprint. I will mirror this. Thanks for the start and I will be following up with all your videos. Thanks for the help. Keep making informative videos they are much appreciated.👏👌

  6. Thankyou for helping the world we need more people like you to help us single ma's to feed our children and see they don't go without and we are not getting charged rediculous amounts of money for childcare to be exhausted really appreciate this 👌👌👌


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