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In todays video I actually scale a campaign live. I show you inside my facebook ads manager for one of my shopify dropshipping stores. I go step by step through my facebook ads scaling process showing you how we can rapid scale! I also be extremely transparent and show you my profits, COGs etc.

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  1. 'On ad sets doing well in the morning, double them'. Hi James, not my first time commenting. Been in the game a while. You're describing a strategy which has a significant element of chance built in, to determine how you're scaling your budget. (If Suzie wakes up tomorrow morning and remembers she wanted to buy something she was looking at last night, that that could be the catalyst that results in the budget for that ad set being doubled}. I'm sure there are other factors that you take into consideration most likely (or at least I hope), but as a viewer I/we can only go off what is contained in the video. The approach you describe is understandable, and I know that you're good with numbers, and have been one of the most coherent of the ecommers that has put themselves out in the public eye, but such a methodology will detect concentrations of sales, rather than consistency of performance. Watch any pattern long enough (flipping coins heads of tails) and its only a matter of time before you'll get 6 or 7 heads in a row, 'Event triggered' double the budget, this is definitely a lucky coin! I'm being over dramatic for effect, not to annoy you but to illustrate the point. I could go into plenty of detail about how best to try to analyse the trends and on what basis to scale which ad sets, but I have 3 or 4 client campaigns to work on today and need to get a move on. Generally I really enjoy your stuff. I think you are far more detailed than many others and are far more transparent, and even if this approach generates profit for you, mathematically it is flawed (based on the video content) and I would suggest that whatever the potential gross profit is from the campaigns, that there is a good amount of room for improvement. I invite you to get in touch, more than happy to chat at some point and discuss further, I suspect our diaries are similarly mad, but there's bound to be an overlap somewhere. Love what you do, and the energy you put in. Keep up the good work.

  2. hi James , thanks for live example. I personally start with 3$ budgets cause I test tons of LAA's some of my 3$ ads have 20Roas with multiple sales. I've duped those to 30$ a day with decent result. I am afraid to change the budget within the adsets because in the past they flopped completely. How would you scale ? Should I try 100$ / day for the winning LAA VC BIG 5 1% ? Thanks and good luck with the scale !


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