In this video I go over how you can start your own Ebay Dropshipping business with little to no funds! I also talk about your Ebay store subscription, and show some live examples of profitable drop shipping products!

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  1. That seller example seems to be a scam though. Every "sold item" I looked at was 1 of 2 and up to 4 times higher prices than Amazon. Looks like he fakes one sale and hopes for a second but it's not happening from what I see. He must be eating high Final Value Fees for his fake sales and Feedback.

  2. To the comments below referring to the 21-day hold. Your goal is to build an investment by fronting the cost up front. When you reached the number of sales and revenue, they will release the 21-Day hold. The fastest way to release your funds is to call every time an order has been confirmed delivered by the customer. They will release the funds to you 3-business days after the fact. That is why in this video he mentions you need about $200.00. You can do it for way less but it all depends how much you are willing to front to cover the cost of what you are sending to your customers. The more capital you are willing to front, the faster you will have the hold status released, giving you next day deposits

  3. Carter, I have a question and need your help. I have a number of college chemistry books. Great condition given to me by the professor, they are all Instructor additions. I can’t find Instructor addition on Amazon. Can I sell them?

  4. You didn't mention anything about tracking prices of your supplier after you list the item on Ebay. That alone can cost almost $50 a month for an automated program. And if you have the 100/item store, that's only good for the first month. If you list 100 items this month and don't remove them, they automatically renew and if you list 100 more items, you immediately start at $.30 an item. There is money to be made, just do your research and understand you ALWAYS have to spend money to make money.

  5. Unfortunately they are stopping drop shipping on ebay… I started drop shipping last month and everything was ok till now…PayPal are saying drop shipping gotta go thru a graduation period and when a customer buys your product u gotta wait 21 days to get your money…it happened to 3 of my sells…Is anyone going thru that right now?

  6. so i have just started dropshipping to ebay and found a supply from alixpress, I am going to list on eBay but there is this one thing saying sales tax with a bunch of different states and a text box where u can put a percentage in i really hope that this sales tax thing would stop me from this business if anyone could tell me maybe what to put in there thanks


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