Here’s how to make $1000 dollars per day online with Clickbank affiliate marketing at literally any age. Go here after the video:

OK so making money as a clickbank affiliate can be boiled down into several systematic steps.

Step 1: Pick a Clickbank affiliate niche market.

There are several types of markets you can make money online in when it comes to Clickbank. Usually they fall under 4 categories: Health, wealth, relationships, and professions/hobbies.

Some examples include:

Woodworking, relationship advice for women, lose stomach fat/get 6 pack abs, personal development, solar panels, battery reconditioning and more.

Some of these affiliate markets have $1000-$10,000 a day affiliate potential for top affiliates.

Step 2: Generate free website traffic.

So you’ll want to master search engine optimization and send as much free traffic through your Clickbank affiliate links as much as you possibly can.

I prefer the following traffic sources: Blogging, YouTube marketing, and Forum marketing. The idea is to provide a lot of value up front and also be persuasive in getting your viewer to take your recommendation on the Clickbank product you’re promoting.

Step 3: Capture email addresses and re-market your Clickbank products.

While you can go straight for the affiliate sale by recommending products at the end of your videos and blog posts, the best route is to collect email addresses and build your social media followings. This is a roundabout way to build your subscriber base, which allows you to continually promote new Clickbank products and most importantly, provide more value to your audience.

One additional tip that I always tell Deadbeats is that success with online marketing comes with honing in specific skills. What that means is that instead of diverting your attention to different affiliate networks, you should focus solely on the art of promoting Clickbank affiliate products and honing in on the traffic sources that drive the results.

I usually don’t recommend beginners to do paid traffic generation because it requires a lot of foundation to be set up prior to earning money online, and because you are shelling out money for PPC traffic, you HAVE to have your numbers right before you spend money. That’s why it’s best to spear head affiliate promotions with free website traffic, and once you have a general idea of your conversion rates and how much each subscriber generates you, then you can consider moving onto paid website traffic!

Overall, making $1000 a day online as a Clickbank affiliate marketer is attainable if you follow the process above and stick through the hurdles. Don’t expect it to be easy, but there is a ton of opportunity in the digital product space for the people who stick it out and become professional level marketers.

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  1. While choosing a keyword for blog, minimum how many searches per month would be good to work? like if a keyword have 99 searches per month and other keyword have 500 searches per month, so is there any minimum searches per month?

  2. Thanks for the shoutout man! And yes, my offer is absolutely crushing it 🙂

    We should collab sometime if you're ever out in LA. Im hiring a fulltime videographer and am preparing to go apesh*t on youtube organic soon. The Youtube 'trojan horse' is where its at people, listen to Dan.

  3. How do I know when an offer I promote is offline or gone at Clickbank? This happens a lot when promoting affiliate networks as programs go off and on constantly. It is a shame for paid traffic on broken links

  4. Awesome content yet again. Been collecting a ton of leads in a couple funnels I'm currently running with pushengage. Something I feel for the deadbeat to lazy to make a squeeze page, is a dream come true. Open rates are awesome as well. What's your thoughts on push notifications?


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