Numerous web sites reported over the weekend that Google Search added a new feature to allow users to add their comments to the search results. This feature is limited to the sports answer box and has been around since earlier this year, with the World Cup 2018.

How does one comment in Google search results? Since it is limited to sports results, if you want to try it right now, search for [france v croatia] and then click on the “more about this game” button. From there, look to the bottom right and click on the “comments” section to see comments from Google searchers.

Here is a screenshot:

Where can I see my comments? Google already allows users to write reviews for movies, TV shows and books. Now there is a “Comments” tab on the contributions page where users can see the comments they leave on sports games: Google says you can add comments to sports games on Google while those games are live.

Why don’t I see it? Are you logged into Google? If so, Google said, “Comments on Google Search don’t yet work in all languages and all regions.”

Where can I learn more? Google has a detailed help document that explains more about how this feature works.

Why should I care? Right now this feature is just for sports and thus, if you manage a sports team, you might care how your fans interact with your performance on Google Search. Will this feature creep into other areas of Google search? It is hard to say, but it is good to keep an eye in case it does.


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