A list of 5 different ways you can make money online with Amazon’s services. Includes affiliate marketing, ecommerce, t-shirts, video and CPM advertising.

Here are the links to all the sites in the order mentioned…

Amazon FBA http://www.amazon.com/fba
Amazon Keyword Research Tool https://www.merchantwords.com/
Rob’s Amazon FBA Article http://robcubbon.com/amazon-fba-business-profit/
Amazon Associates Program http://www.amazon.com/associates
All My Online Courses http://www.2createawebsite.com/courses
Amazon Video Direct https://videodirect.amazon.com/
Rev for Closed Captions http://www.rev.com
Amazon Merch http://www.amazon.com/merch
Spreadshirt video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWlQciKtVbA
Website Palace http://www.websitepalace.com



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  7. Hi Lisa, I am from Kolkata [India] and going to launch a website on making money online. Can I request you to put a link of our site anywhere at your website if, I promote/post your videos at our site with credits to you? I am also going to make a whatsapp group for similar minded people, you may promote your business there too.

  8. Good video. I like how it was damn near to the point. Very streamline video. Other video's when they give too much information, I'll usual get lost quick because they give unnecessary information for no reason ; then you get lost. So, thanks for the video!!!


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