Is Shopify dead? Is Shopify legit? Is Shopify A Scam? These are the questions you’re probably asking so before you take the leap here’s how AliExpress almost ruined my dropshipping business which also made me lose over $8,000! Watch the video to find out how to prevent this from happening to you.


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  1. I am also using Shopify, I figured it is the best option for dropshipping, but I connected with CJ Dropshipping, wlll be much easier, can list products and process orders automatically.

  2. This is very bothersome because I went and started to do just that to verify myself and then I asked myself what would a communist country want with my social security number plus a copy of the front and back of it and your drivers licennse id and the questions that include both your mother and fathers name. That is a sure way for someone to steal your identity 10 times over. Just think of the implications. I dont trust it at all and I may have to use another platform. Thank you because your video gave me the heads up.

  3. Hey man, out of curiosity would you be willing to shoot me a msg? I have some questions for you about drop shipping with Ali 🙂 Also you uploaded this video on my b day <3 ahaha


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