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In today’s video, I’ll teach you how to make money on clickbank using my bing ads strategy. In this video, I’ll show everything in detail and explain how I run my bing ads and save a ton of money.

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  1. I am currently doing a small test run with Bing + Clickbank. One thing that make help you out is using {Keyword}. just like that… brackets and all. This will automatically put whatever Keyword in user searches for in the ad headline. Ie. {shyness} – How to overcome it. or… The {shyness} hack – simple method. Hope that makes sense.

  2. You talk about creating the Ads based on a targeted keywords but you make no mention about setting the campaign to Broad, Phrase or Exact in the Match Type settings on Bing. Which do we choose for this setting in order to display the targeted keywords on Bing ads?

  3. Sean, what would be really useful would be to see how you create the pre-del page you had up on WordPress- do you use CB's copy? and how do you decide on the pages layout, design and where does the page take them after? Many thanks


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