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3:05 pros and cons of Adsense + tips and tricks
10:00 Sponsorships
23:55 Affiliate Marketing
28:48 Selling your own products
30:45 Odd ways to make money on Youtube

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  1. I've been doing really well with growing my Youtube & working with companies, but my issue is knowing what prices to quote these companies. I want to be reasonable (since I'm still a small youtuber), but don't want to cheat myself. Any advice? Love this video! 💕

  2. Baabeeeeeeeee I’m only 11:23 seconds in and I have heard nothing but truths! Let me get my kettle, cause sis is pooring all of the tea! Thank youuuu! like you said, we can all win in here! There’s enough to go around! Thanks girl!

  3. No U r the real MVP. I have been researching and trying to figure it for years. Thank you so much for spillng the tea.
    Question…Did you tube pay you for this advertisement/informational video?

  4. I swear this is so helpful but just sucks you can’t even use famebit without a certain number of subs or followers .but thankfully I have started off a good note despite having few subs and insta followers I been getting products to review and being an ambassador for certain companies but can’t wait to get to the level of getting that check

  5. when she says "warms my heart" and smiles you can really tell she loves what she does! she is super real and charming and I wanna try YouTubing now. ps I also hate the idea of Patreon haha


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