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How I Made $2511.66 In 1 DAY With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Yesterday I just had my biggest day of the year on clickbank and did $2500. In this video I show you the assets I used and the product I promoted to accomplish this.

One of the biggest takeaways of this video is to get focused on traffic generation and do not quit on one platform to early. It’s so easy to over complicate this simple process of making money online. Secondly, having access to a high converting system has everything to do with the company owner.

Be sure you go with someone that knows what they are doing, gives value and knows how to convert!

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  1. I have definitely done that had built a list of a couple of hundred people and deleted them because I felt they were not interested because they never bought anything but not gonna do that again because like you said now I have to start over and I don't want to keep doing that cause I won't get anywhere if I keep deleting my list!

  2. That is a good informative video. We also have some of our personal videos that people have inked, and are getting started on attempting to genuinely help people grow their businesses as well. We are seeking new ideas and hope that we have the ability to give this type of genuine advice. If you got a while, take a peek at ours and inform us that which you think.

  3. Hey Josh, I’m using CB and successfully getting 30-40 leads per day across 3-4 niches. I’ve really been thinking about joining the 4 percent club and promoting it through my current traffic method and I’m confident that I can get leads. With my current niches, I’m running the auto responder and trying to get the sale myself to various affiliate products whereas here it seems that I just have to push out emails promoting a value-based webinar or training and then the advertiser himself does the sale. I’m assuming this is a bit easier for you (the affiliate) which is why you prefer it over other niches where you have to push the sale yourself after some 5-6-7 value only emails…is that right?

  4. That is awesome!! Congratulations!!! My daughter just got out of hospital yesterday after being in for 2 weeks so have not been keeping up with the traffic course. Don't see how to buy in the back office.

  5. Hy quick question so the brand that you are building, is this channel your brand or do you have another channel about a specific niche and how do you do you do video about that niche like how do you build a brand about that niche of yours


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