Getting approved to be an Amazon Affiliate / Associate isn’t as easy as you might think. Recently i’ve had lots of message regarding rejected Amazon affiliate applications, so here’s my 8 top tips to ensure you get approved.

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  1. Wait a minute, ive only seen people use amazons associates like they write a review and then link to amazon to buy the product. How are you having the products on your websites and when you check out it takes you to amazon? What is this style called? Also do you suggest having traffic to your website before you apply to amazon? If so how much? thanks!!!

  2. When does Amazon start reviewing a site? I have 5 sales (not sure if these are 5 individual users or 2 individuals buying multiple items) coming from site links. Haven't received an email yet. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get approved. 🙂

  3. Hi Alex, can I use my AWS key on any site? I have a fully function dropshipping site and i'm now setting up an affiliate site. if I apply and get an aws key for my dropshipping site, can I also use it on my affiliate site? or do i need separate keys? Cheers.

  4. Very useful thanks. I’m starting to do video reviews of some products to create some traffic towards it and to have more relevant content. I heard to get the Amazon API key you need three sales, is that correct?

  5. I guess I need a website. I have tried 3 times to get in and was making sales on my last try without every making a video about. I was still updating my links. I was just in for a month and had 10 sales and I get the email saying I wasn't in. I not going to try for a long time now. I put into much work to keep trying. They sent me a link I want to see what it said and it was an error page.

  6. thank you for your tips 🙂 and i love the lighting in your video but only one comment about when you move a lot in front of camera i got a bit dizzy to look at your face.
    I guess because you use shallow dof (thats why your bg is blurry) It also make your face blur when you move a bit back.
    When you move back and front quickly i couldn't really focus. Just that however I appreciate your video.

  7. Hi, great video. I've got a question.
    How can I set up an affiliate store if I don't have the Amazon code? And if I can't set up the store how can I submit an application to Amazon?
    In other words, which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

  8. Hi hope you can help !!

    I had a site advertising amazon affiliate links and had started making money, however for another site I was building i need an amazon API, so i applied for one and ended u getting me affiliate account closed , lost out on the money in my account and had to setu a new account and redo all my linking. I found of the reason i got booted out was because I didn't have it clear that i was an Amazon affiliate. Made the neccesary changes , applied again and got refused again based on off "We regret to inform you that we are unable to accept your request for access to the Product Advertising API. We have reviewed your site and found the following issues that prevent us from approving your account for access:

    While reviewing your request, we see that you did not include a valid business justification that explained your intended use of the Product Advertising API"

    What business justification have worked for you?

  9. Good advice. Tip 7 was really relevant to me because I have a solid authentic social media following but hadn't built a website yet. I do have my domain name registered so that's a big start I guess. So a good and growing IG account doesn't count for much on application?? Many people comment and direct message me all the time, asking about my recommendations on tools, products, paint sprayers, etc. Thanks for that advice!!! Goal is the website.

  10. I am really new with Amazon, and I am still confused with what I can do and what I can't do. I have been trying to do a Blog on Wix , and was having a problem with it. I just found your site and if I understood you correctly, I am not aloud to use them???? Can you help me a bit with it??? My email address is

  11. Do you know good ways to optimize Affiliate Links from Amazon?

    When I paste the HTML on my website, I purposely have to add in many in a row because they're too small!
    As I understand, you can be disqualified from receiving money if you change the HTML in some ways.
    That's specifically the reason I don't change the HTML code that I paste on my website.

    How would you circumvent that problem?

  12. Thanks for the tips! I wanted to ask how they apply if you intend to use affiliate links in a mobile application rather than a website. Should you try to create content in a website whose purpose is merely to support the application just to get approved? Thanks in advance for your answer!


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