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  1. Hi. One more explain for me please.
    1. Aliexpress sell something for example 10$. Where on Shopify do i put for example 15$ so i have 5$ profit?
    2. Do i have to pay AliExpress and customers pay me? Or do the customers pay directly to AliExpress by clicking at my shop?

  2. I get lots of traffic to my website looking for the product I sell. My prices are good and my store looks nice but I am not getting any sales. With the products I sell getting 1 sale a day will be enough. PLEASE HELP

  3. Is it really better to display the item as free ? I'm just wondering what the most efficient way to sell is. I just hope this doesn't lose a huge consumer base by surprising them that it's not free once they checkout

  4. I've been told that the problem with drop shipping is dealing with buyer returns. How do you handle this issue (if buyers decide to return items)? Please give a clear explanation so we all can understand. Thanks!

  5. Hey man, are you familiar with using Google AdWords? If so, do you have any valuable tips on it? Is it normal to lose a little money or even just "break even" in the first few weeks before starting to see good profit?

  6. Hi! I really appreciate this video, I found it very helpful and you are easy to follow! I have a question… I am trying to set up an item for free and I have set the shipping weights correctly but what was suppose to be $20 for shipping is only charging $3. I have just that one item set for 0.1lbx0.1lb (rate by weight) so I am confused why it is doing this? Thanks!

  7. So the customer orders a product and then you order it from Ali Express. The free shipping from Ali Express is 20-35 days—so it takes a really long time till the customer gets what they order! Do you get lots of complaints?

  8. I enjoyed the video, everything was told perfect.

    But.. the method is that you post an order on shopify until u get paid by the customer u have to buy after from aliexpress? then shipping to him?

    Thnks a lot!


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