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Wondering where to go with Shopify or Wix to build your new store? Wix stores are typically rated far worse than Shopify stores but I’ve noticed that Wix has introduced a lot of new features in the last few years to make it a stronger competitor.

In this video I look at the apps, themes, cost, support and ease-of-use offered from both of the ecommerce platforms to see which is best.

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  1. Great video.. I'm not a great web developer and my business is mainly with iPhone sale products so Wix at the moment seems fine for me as I already made sales on my platform. I do agree Shopify is more robust but I'm not really consider a massive eCommerce type of business aka: drop shipping ect… I have actual physical products iPhone inventory on-hand that I sell in my local market and wanted a online presence to expand my customer base.. So in my opinion it simply comes down to what type of business model you have…

  2. Why haven't you mention Shopify can be embedded into Wix? The reason to embed Shopify into Wix is to have the ability to customized the website how ever you like it to be. There are many online stores that don't just sell products, but also provide info, services, blogging, and than products. These sites must look unique in order to keep the visitors on the page. Less then a second a visitor either will stay or leave the website. Wix gives you the tools to design the pages in a professional look and feel, Shopify is limited unless you know code. So, anyone who would like to start an online store but will provide other types of content instead of products, Wix is the way to go by embedding Shopify into the website.

  3. Completely random question but is there any way to add a gift wrapping option to listings on wix? I have a wonderfully designed website on wix for many years and really happy with it but this lack of option is the only thing swaying me to shopify (I sell gifts so it's becoming more of a need now). Thanks in advance! ☺️

  4. These Wix videos are really helpful! I have found that they have helped me integrate content on all my platforms (Wix, Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). I'd recommend Wix to anyone for ease of use and the ability to integrate software seamlessly. The Wix app is great too!

  5. you forgot to mention the cost of Shopify compared to Wix. The monthly hosing fees are much hirer on Shopify. Moreover, the apps on Wix are much cheaper. Shopify store the apps are like $15-$100 per month on top of your high hosing fees. The price for apps are crazy. Shopify is great.. but you really have to be prepared for the very high cost.

  6. From what I am led to believe, I think Wix is good for your website and for your advertising brochure, however for a store, you have to go with a specialist company with special functions … There is nothing to stop you from opening a shop if I store and having the link open a new window so that your leaflet that the brochure is still available, although it is not good as a start point of view, I think is good for DJs and people you have a fan base that want to buy their merchandise to have both

  7. You can easily change your theme with Wix. I'm no dummy, but it took me almost an entire day to create my site with Shopify. It wasn't intuitive. As in, click here and you get this. I had to figure out where to find things, THEN figure out how to put them where I wanted. With Wix, it took a couple of hours. It was click, click, click. When I wanted to start over and sell something different on Shopify, I couldn't. That took hours before I realized it couldn't be done. Also, almost as soon as I started my Shopify, I started getting requests from others to 'help' me with my site…for a small fee of course. I don't recall signing up for that shit. Shopify blows the doors off Wix when it comes to e-commerce though. Mostly because it has Oberlo and Wix does not. With the Oberlo app, I easily found suppliers for all kinds of products. Through their portal, I easily added those products. But once I got back to Shopify, I had the same issues with ease of creation.

    So if you're the kind of person who knows what they want to sell and is tech-savvy, then go with Shopify. If you're just okay and don't mind paying someone else to create your site, again go with Shopify.
    But if you're not, go with Wix.

  8. Wix seems to get much better and give you something Shopify is really really behind with: editing. You just can't build your site with Shopify the way you REALLY want it. You can use some apps for drag and drop, which works ok but still not completely gives you freedom.

  9. I use Wix for our brick and mortar gourmet specialty food shop. Because it eliminates the need for a "web designer". It still does take some time to make sure everything is set up correctly, and designed well, but after that it's so easy to make qucik changes. We launched 3 private label food items 6 months ago, and they have been selling out in our shop. The research is in! People like it. We get emails all the time from people that have visited our shop asking to order via phone more of our products. We have decied to start selling online to increse private label sales.

    I have used Shopify before. It was at my first internship in the online marketing world in 2011, and it was my job to fulfill each order. Sometimes it was one order, sometimes 8+. They were a rapidly growing business, now doing WAY more sales from when I was there learning with them. The people I were working for really knew what they were doing in terms of building a new business. I used to do SO MUCH DATA ENTRY/competitor analysis by going to stockists of our competitors and pulling info from it. I really did learn a lot from them!

    I'm really torn here. I really like the idea of 24/7 phone support – but I know implimenting would be so much easier with our Wix built website.

  10. Love this video!!! I actually really like Wix store. For a startup or a small business, I didn't see much advantage of using Shopify than wix. From my own observation, Shopify's advantage is only on fast printing shipping label, which can be easily done in Shopgooder.com. BTW, it also provide 20% off shipping cost. So I would stick with wix store as long as I can to support the growth of wix store. (I am only comparing the basic plans of both site, I know $299 per month shopify plan has way more good functions)


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