The Real Way To Make Money Online With CPA Affiliate Marketing

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ok so you want to make money with affiliate marketing but you dont really know how affiliate marketing works, what an affiliate program is, or what the heck cpa marketing even means.

this video will show you live examples of offers, sites, and affiliate programs that you can use to profit.

learn from marcus direct as he shows you the simple way to become a super affiliate by driving traffic to affiliate offers.



  1. Hey Marcus great video, thanks for all the awesome content you share on this channel! I just paid to join your live webinar tomorrow (was referred by Rachel S. Lee), and have been going through your videos and toolbar for hours now and loving every minute. You've helped so many things 'click' inside my head with what you've shared. One of them being how to think like a search marketer, which is like gold just by itself. Looking forward to learning more from you, and more importantly APPLYING what I learn.

  2. Wow!!! you are so right…. I have brain overload….  I not have a massive HEADACHE trying to figure this all out. I get the concept but when its time for mr to implement the steps… my brain shuts down…. As a professional organizer I see how my clients get stressed and don't know where to start…. OMG!!!!! why wasn't I born with lots of money!!! to hire people….

  3. Omg I hate trying to do a website, Is there way to get a premade affiliate website that you can fill in and keep it moving. Wish I could do a software . Yes I need someone to help along the way..thank you so much for this great vid

  4. okay, this is just beyond weird.
    I send 3 toolbar links that pay me $3 each to 10 friends who'll download it, that'll give me $90?

    Wouldn't this whole system be super exploitable then? What if me and my friends just keep sending links to each other to make money?
    I don't get it..

  5. Hi mate! I live in Italy and here there isn't any company like OffertVault ( I mean, there are no companies that pay u in this way).
    Is there any opportunity in doing it with Italian stuff? Or is it more profitable making these in English? You have some information/tips for me? Congrats on your 3 year sobriety

  6. I live in the panhandle area. It's good to know that there are individuals in Florida that are actually online marketers and are able to support their families through their efforts online. Congrats on your  3 year sobriety .


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