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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a type of direct advertising and marketing that is done through e-mail in order to communicate specific info to a particular group of individuals. You could state that email marketing is any e-mail sent out with the objective of selling something or getting a charitable contribution. However, email marketing is normally described as such when one of the following uses.

o Emails sent out to existing consumers with the objective of building client relations and loyalty.

o Emails sent in order to encourage a possible customer to buy something or encourage a present customer to make an added investment.

o Tagging e-mail correspondence with marketing, despite the reason for the message.

o Sending these e-mails over the web, as there are other kinds of e-mail.
Email marketing is becoming big business, as it was approximated that United States companies spent an enormous $400 million on email marketing in 2012 alone.

Why are they popular?

It is popular with companies and individuals alike for lots of reasons.

1. E-mail is a cost effective method to get a lot of info to a targeted audience quickly.

2. Return on investment is easy to track; email marketing is priced estimate as being the second best advertising and marketing device online.

3. Business can get the information to the customer instead of counting on the customer to come to their internet site.

4. Advertisers can develop repeat company quickly and economically.

5. Half individuals on the internet will examine their e-mail at least once a day.

These are simply a few of the many reasons businesses are finding it to be so preferable. Contribute to this the fact that it requires no paper whatsoever and a business can add eco friendly to their persona. The major detractor of email marketing is a term we are all familiar with, SPAM. This is the practice of sending out bulk ads unwanted. Or in old school terms junk mail. As time proceeds e-mail programs are improving, to restrict the activities of spammers however, it will take some time.

The bottom line is email marketing is where it is at; combined with affiliate programs and various other online advertising it could develop into a financially rewarding prospect very quickly. A little time, imagination, and you can make a wonderful passive income simply from email marketing alone.



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