Do you need to know what the best eCommerce platforms are specifically for drop shipping?

There are two main options:

Drop shipping on sales channels like eBay and Amazon, among others.

Drop shipping on your own website using Shopify, Bigcommerce, or Woocommerce.

There are benefits to both.

With a platform like Ebay or Amazon, you can just list your products and they do all the website design and drive all the traffic to your listings so the products will sell.

However, they control the customer buying experience, they keep the customer’s info, they re-market to the customers to sell them other products, and they own the asset.

There are other sales channels like Etsy and Craiglist, but these are for specific niches of products, like home-made products and garage sale products.

Since we want to sell drop shipped merchandise, we want to choose the best eCommerce platform for drop shipping.

In my opinion, having your e-commerce website is the best option because it allows you to control the buying experience and own an asset you can sell someday.

You’re not competing solely on price.

Additional traffic sources become available like referrals, direct traffic, and organic search.

You own the customer’s information.

You control the retargeting and remarketing.

You can implement the changes that your market wants.

You can target your specific buyer.

Benefits of using Shopify:

There are many benefits of using Shopify to create your own e-commerce store.

No design skills needed so you can make your store look beautiful without hiring an expensive web designer.

Hundreds of the best-looking themes so you can make an awesome looking website.

Complete control over the look and feel so you can make it custom for your brand.

Add new sales channels quickly and easily so you sell elsewhere online in your Shopify dashboard.

Manage unlimited products and inventory so you can easily scale your online business.

Fulfill orders quickly and easily, even from the mobile app, so you can run your business from anywhere.

Track sales and growth trends using reports so you can easily have meetings and make plans.

Integrated payment solution with Stripe so you can get up and running in minutes.

Entire SSL secured website included so your website can have the best security possible.

Unlimited bandwidth so your site never crashes no matter how much traffic you send to it.

Mobile friendly themes so your customers can purchase using their smartphone easily.

The best checkout system online to help convert leads into customers seamlessly.

Shopify Review:

Shopify makes it easy to upload products, customize the theme, and add pages and blog posts.

My favorite thing about Shopify from a store builders perspective is the speed at which the website loads compared to using WordPress.

Every click takes half the amount of time to load the page than it took me while building my WordPress based e-commerce site.

This speeds up my efficiency and I can get the work done in less time.

From a shopper’s perspective, the website loads much faster than a WordPress-based e-com site does.

This is thanks to their simplified code called liquid.

Shopify has an integrated payment solution and the checkout system is setup to be like a squeeze page, without any links at the top beside the logo (which goes back to the home page).

This keeps buyers in the mode of finishing their order and increases conversion rates.

Shopify also has a mobile app that is free when you set up an account. Download it on your smartphone and you’ll get a nice “cha-ching” sound every time you get an order. This sound is like crack-cocaine to my ears. I love hearing it and start jumping up and down every time I get an order, no joke!

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Shopify Store Examples

Check out these Shopify stores that are using the drop shipping business model for some great examples of what the platform can do for your brand and online presence.

Each of these websites is using the Shopify platform and the Drop Ship Lifestyle course to build their online store. These should help you get an idea of what your successful Shopify drop shipping store will look like when it’s profitable.

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  1. Great information! I've been researching quite few platforms. I am brand new and ready to get started in ecommerce. What are your thoughts on Commerce HQ and Zero Up compared to the more popular Shopify?


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