The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing is the most comprehensive Affiliate Marketing Course ever created.

I remember exactly what is like to be a beginner in the industry and not know where to begin. I don’t want anything from you, not even your email. 😊

This course is a step by step guide and puts you in a position to take action right away with out having information overload.

The course is 100% FREE, no need to pay anything!

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About Me

Since I started affiliate marketing in 2008, me and my media buying team have generated 8+ figures in commissions through Facebook, mobile, and display buys.

I run one of the most popular affiliate marketing blogs in the world here:

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Snapchat: charles_ngo

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Wanna see what everyday life’s like as an affiliate marketer?

I use Snapchat every day to give you a look inside my life. What I do every day, how I think and make decisions etc. I give away a lot of affiliate marketing tips and strategies + some insider only secrets (Snapchats disappear in 24 hours so I don’t mind giving away more there!)

Facebook is the main social platform I use. It’s where we can talk affiliate marketing / business / productivity etc.

I use Facebook to release info about parties, meet ups, events and other industry news.

My Personal Blog:


I’ve been blogging about affiliate marketing since 2012 and I’m not stopping now! Every single week I write a post to help you out in affiliate marketing, productivity, or business.

I’ve started answering a lot of questions from you guys via YouTube. So if you’ve got a question, send it in to me and I’ll do my best to answer it!

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AFFcelerator is the most high-end affiliate marketing training available. Me and my instructors will show you how we make $10k per day through affiliate marketing, and teach you to do the same.

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  1. Winner of a video, I have been researching "become a super affiliate" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Neyameron Xiydeline Method – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.

  2. Hey Charles,
    Thanks for this guide!
    I been in the game for a little over a month now and been struggling to get something profitable.
    I invested quite a bit of money for my education on CPA marketing, been a bit stressful and overwhelming but I'm looking at this as an investment for myself.
    Originally, after studying the courses and scouring everywhere for information, I had a good amount of confidence that this was going to be EASY PEEEZY. but now I know it's a lot harder than I thought.
    Even with the courses I am studying that I paid thousands for, I seriously appreciate your dedication to helping others.
    Gives me a little more hope that in the future I'll look back to my start of this industry and have a great story to tell.

    Can't read to read through this!
    Is there any way I can connect with you or your network?
    Already followed you on facebook and youtube!

    Thanks again for the free guide Charles


  3. Great Video and Excellent guide Charles. Btw, I read your email to testing GEO's first. I use FB ads as my traffic and Teespring as my offer now. I try to follow your suggestion, should I random test about another country with another T shirt E-commerce ?
    P.S. : I was try to sign up for affiliate network, I still waiting for they confirmation.

  4. Hey Charles as I'm taking your course I'm reading, The Magic of Thinking Big (per your suggestion in the course).

    It's therapeutic. I'm realizing a lot of my own mental blocks with affiliate marketing and digital products and leaving pharmacy. I appreciate it man.

    All thanks to you

  5. I love your guide its the best guide for affiliate marketing out there!!! and being free says alot about Charles. Its worth alot of money in my opinion. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you Charles. TODAY i got my first conversion!!!!!! 95% of my learning came from Charles and im pround of telling my AM that my mentor is Charles Ngo not just in afiliate but also self-development. I learn Focused-Work with Charles and is changing my life. Infinite love to you Charles! I love you and im forever greatfull for this.


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