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In this video, I’ll review one of my favorite CPA promotion strategies. Although I’m not promoting any CPA offers at this point, the strategy I’m going to share in this video is still the most effective and popular CPA promotion strategy of all time.

I’m going to show you some examples of it, from A to Z and explain how you can create the same campaign to promote your own CPA offers without much effort.



  1. Hey Sean, thanks for the video. You mentioned you use Facebook as a traffic source. What type of set up did you use? Meaning, did you create a fan page and add some content to it, etc.… Did you run PPE campaigns? Did you lose a lot of accounts in the process? I would love to hear a few more tips on how to do this successfully on Facebook.

  2. From all of the tutorials I've seen about those types of landing pages, called advertorial landing pages… THEY WORK! Thanks for the confirmation Sean! And that CPA offer is actually one of the offers I'm planning on running, simple because of the advertorial landing page. Can't wait to see the outcome!

  3. I have one question,
    i m really newbie in this CPA marketing and i need deeper explanation.
    can we get somehow in contact,to help me how to start with CPA marketing.
    tell me your Skype or E-mail and we can chat together.


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