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  1. > Paying 50$ for ads
    > Getting 4 sales
    > ????
    > Bankrupt

    Just put that crap on ebay. But honestly instead of wasting time on playing with the ads just go to marketing school or something or even better – make your own product. This dropshipping+paid ads is just Lottery on steroids.

  2. Tanner is the MAN!!! He's helped me from the beginning, and he’s inspired me to create my own channel for others struggling to get sales. I really think you guys will enjoy, especially if you're looking for Facebook Ad help. Have a great day everyone!

  3. Just wandering why you would want to create a website and pay for a domain etc. when you could just do it on eBay. Is there a downfall to using eBay to drop ship? Which one would you recommend for a beginner? Thanks.

  4. Hey Tanner,

    I was just going to tell you how much inspiration you are giving me! I posted my application but I really want to tell you about the motivation I am getting. I have watched A LOT of your videos and they're really explaining. I have had some issues setting up the Shopify page with text, domain, etc.

    Thank you!
    Kind Regards,

  5. Tanner, how do you make a video page post and have a headline or title for it? I've talked to my Facebook Marketing Specialist and he said that he isn't sure of a workaround right now. It looks like you can only put headlines and a description on carousel page posts. Let me know if you've run into this issue and/or have a solution. Thanks for the great content man!

  6. Awesome video, with lots of great tips, I just have one Question, at every Ad Set, the budget is set to $20/day (for example) so if running 2 Ad Sets, that would be a daily budget of $40 per day? or is it $20 for all the ads.

  7. Always loved watching these videos bro, always learning something new! Thanks for the tips, very very helpful! Much appreciated bro, keep grinding for that 100k 👌🏽


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