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  1. when i posted in a subreddit i got this massage:
    (This crosspost was performed automatically as a part of the ImagesOfNetwork. Learn more about the ImagesOfNetwork, how you can help, and other Frequently Asked Questions, or visit us on Discord!

    ["Remove my post!" | "The bot got this one wrong!" | "Stop Crossposting My Stuff!" ])
    but i'm not understand about this?

  2. ফারুক ভাই, র‍্যডিট অ্যাকাউন্ট এর জন্য বিদেশী (ইউ,এস,এ এর কোন মহিলার নাম) নাম ব্যবহার করা কি জরুরী?

  3. Sir,This video is really helpful for off page optimization .Hope you will make more informative video on different sides of SEO .We are waiting for more .I saw all of your previous videos & got clear concept on SEO .Now you became an idol to me in the virtual world .
    Hands up & Thanks.
    Raihan. from- Bogra ,BD


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