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Prior to this year my only experience with ecommerce platforms was WooCommerce. Recently though. I was involved in 2 projects using BigCommerce and Shopify, plus I was also offered a Magento project. This got me thinking, “should I just focus on ecommerce instead?” That led me to ask the question, “well ok, if I’m going to focus on ecommerce, shouldn’t I be learning a nodeJS platform instead of PHP, since after all nodeJS is the future, right?”

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  1. Michael, as you're somebody local, highly relatable (even down to the clothes I wear), already doing what I'm aspiring to do with a career in coding… I need you to MAKE MORE VIDEOS!!!!!!!

  2. Hi, it seems there isn't a big market for freelance JavaScrip jobs as opposed to PHP/WordPress jobs. I agree that nodeJS will probably get really big but is seems to be difficult to get into as a freelancer. Unless I'm looking in the wrong place. Keep the videos coming they are nice to watch!

  3. Hi Mike, welcome back to vlogging. Your unique insight into dev issues and trends remain ever green as always.

    As per the topic at hand, these are my personal takeaways:

    1. As an aspiring web developer, market demands and not my own personal preference is driving my choice of learning any programming language for now. PHP remains the dominant driver in my local market. It makes economic sense to pick up relevant skills in this language first. Plus it powers WordPress which powers at least 25% of websites worldwide. That's huge! As fancy as other languages are, they don't command this market size.

    2. It's always good to pick up other skills along the way in this web dev biz whether it be effective writing, communication best practices or plain negotiation techniques. No knowledge is a waste is a general saying but a fact that will come in handy in the long run.

    3. Honesty about your skill level is key. You displayed this in your business meeting with a client and it got you more businesses down the road. You were also honest about the work to stay away from too. Honesty will always build up your brand faster and stronger in client's minds.

    4. Don't be afraid to admit what you don't know. It could be the door that challenges you to pick up skills you wished you knew. Never shy away from learning new things.

    5. Learn the art of 'sleeping over' an issue. Give it more thought so as to make the most informed decision you can. An inexperienced Mike would have jumped head first into this project without much thought. But the experienced Mike gave it more thought. It saved the day in the end.

    Keep up the vlogs. Loving them already.

  4. Mike, as a wannabe junior developer I too was thinking about going full stack JS as its the most convenient learning route. However PHP still dominates the job market by far so for simple practical job/business reasons I'm now leaning more towards LAMP stack and most possibly WordPress theme development. There is so much hate towards PHP + WordPress and as a developer it is not at all an exciting piece of technology by any means, but if its what's gonna get me my foot in the door to the industry sooner rather than later then I'd rather take that opportunity now rather than take another 1-2 years to get half decent with Node/React, which has a steeper learning curve.

    Just going with the demand in my area. PHP it is.

  5. Great video. I thought the same thing about php as I host my blog on WordPress. But I want to go the JavaScript node route for now too. In the future I think I’ll eventually dedicate some time for php because it is everywhere and still a great tool to have, but to be fluent in all things JavaScript for the front and backend is more appealing to me. Are you going mean or mern?


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