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Autoresponder Tutorial:

Send pre-written email replies to your Gmail messages from anywhere including the mobile apps of Gmail. You can include attachments in your canned responses and it is possible to auto-reply to multiple emails in one go with a Gmail draft template.

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  1. Anit this tool could be very useful to me, but I've only gotten partial results. Not sure if it's because the Add-On is in Demo mode…

    BTW I sent you the money for a one user license. Your literature said I'd have it in 15 minutes… where is it? Please send me the activation code…


  2. Hi Amit! Thank you for sharing this info – well put together. I am looking for something similar to this, yet not specifically for an "auto responder" as much as for a pre-typed (canned) email. The difference being I want to be able to EDIT the canned responses and either copy/paste into an email response, edit, send – OR – be able to select from a drop down of signatures (like I used to do in MS Outlook). We run a real estate business, so there are a lot of responses that we type repeatedly, yet, the offer terms are different on each transaction – so the basic template of the email can be in the "canned" draft, yet we need the ability to edit that template when sending. Do you know of such a solution for GMail users? In MS Outlook we just created a large number of different Email Signatures and were able to select the appropriate one from the drop down menu. Thanks in advance!


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