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Learn how to get sales on Facebook and how to sell Amazon products on Facebook in this tutorial!

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  1. Here is a superb informative video. We likewise have a number of our personal videos that people have inked, and are starting on wanting to genuinely help people grow their businesses as well. We are searching for new ideas and hope that individuals are able to give this type of genuine advice. If you got some time, take a look at ours and tell us that which you think.

  2. Yeah there's one slight problem with this . Since 2012 Facebook have been running an algorithm where only 2-5% of people who follow your page, will see your content. This was in an attempt to encourage paid advertising and boosts….please do your research this could be detrimental advice to a lot of people.

  3. Very helpful! one question: The brand page has to tie in to the fan page, right? And do you have to be a seller or would this work for Marketing Affiliates who just earn commission within a given niche? Is it that much different with leads, bridge page, sells page, etc.?

  4. Great job on this video Seth. Enjoying your content as usual. This is a road I am ready to venture down. I appreciate the detail and quality privided by this video. Would enjoy seeing some more videos on setting up Facebook ads. Thank you for Knieping it Real!

  5. Hi Seth! Just wanted to say thanks, you're one of the most genuine and altruistic ones around here. Have been following a ton of people who's "teaching" about Fba stuff and they are all just gimmicking each other but you're always thinking the bigger picture and telling about yourself and your family etc.. Just about to order my first 2 products, hope to have a change joining your group some day and to meet you one day in person 🙂

  6. Hi Seth, thanks for all the video you made. They're very inspiring. I've been selling on Amazon.ca for about three months since I'm a Canadian, and I find the profit margin is made significantly lower by the conversion rate because the suppliers only sell the items in US dollar. My calculation tells me it's going to take at least a year before I can break even with all the overhead cost and then make about $200 a month, which is the rate with the amount of inventory I'm able to afford and sell every month. Do you think I should just give up on the Canadian market? Is there a different way to succeed in the Canadian market? Do you think you can make a video about this? Thanks so much!


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