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  1. Thank you for these videos: just a couple of questions if you can answer please:

    1) why not sell high ticket products which cost couple of thousands?

    2)do you have multiple amazon accounts so they all add up?

    3)lot of amazon affiliate YouTubers claim making 5 to 6 figures each month in affiliate commissions, is that possible over time?

    Thanks, I hope you will throw some light on my ignorance

  2. I just joined the Amazon Associates program. I really did not see anything on the internet that gave a definitive answer on whether they would accept the youtube channel as a website on the application. I filled out the form on Oct 4 and was approved on Oct 31 but was able to add links to my videos immediately. I did not know that I could see a break down on what was purchased until I watched your video. I made a total of $1.08 for my first month in October. How do you get the main
    Amazon link that you have added in your description?

  3. I just looked at my amazon earnings, some one, and I suspect you, ordered mustache wax! Just kidding, thank you for teaching me! Watch your reports, I am going to order something weird from your amazon.


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