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  1. I use shopify and printful ( print on demand ) and it is 100% false that you do not have to pay for the shirt first. Your tshirt order will process several days before you ever get the money from the order. I.E. You MUST have funds to cover any tshirt order. "Print On-Demand" is a scam play on words. Also, the title of your video suggests it might be useful.

  2. OK of all the videos I've watched on this subject so far I'd say this is one of the most deceptive . Obviously you are not keeping all 27 bucks you are lucky to make 5 to 7 dollars a shirt selling them at a more realistic price point . Not many people are going to pay that 27 for a shirt they can buy in a million places for 9 or 8 dollars less . Let's be real here , selling snake oil won't get you where you want to be. This video really makes me mad! You are not speaking truthfully at all as to the reality of what you should expect.

  3. Wow Wow Wow wait a minute. Cost per shirt is 12 dollar, ads for your sales will cost around 3 dollar per shirt. Let's say you sell your shirts for 30 dollar that will be 15 dollar profit per shirt. Due to design cost, website cost, etc etc. Your profit goes to 10 dollar a sale. 10.000 : 10 means you need to sell 1000 shirts a Month. 1000 : 30 will mean you need to sell 34 shirts a day. I don't want to demotivate you I just don't want you to get hit by huge dissapointed when you find out it is not as easy as people say. It is possible to sell 34 shirts a day and make 10k a month. Reinvenst that money in other stuff like real estate and you will make 20k a month over 2 years. So you better get started.

  4. $27.99 – $8.00 (shirt) – $8.00 (facebook ad) – 2.9% $0.82 (Paypal) = Around $4000 profit which is not bad.
    The problem with videos like this is that most people believe that those $10k are profit when in reality they are not. Another thing is that when Paypal notices a lot of activity on a account they put a hold on the money and keep it for up 30 or even more sometimes, If that's the case then how is the person supposed to fulfill the orders? Does anybody knows what would happen in that case?
    I know Justin does not answer questions most of the time so maybe one of you can help me with this question, thank you in advance.

  5. If its so EZ, why aren't YOU doing it? Why are you trying so HARD to get US to do it? ….. OH! I forgot, you make YOUR money by selling us stuff to do it. During the gold-rush, the people that made the REAL money were the people selling picks & shovels to the idiots trying to find gold —- YOU are a pick & shovel hustler…. P.S. Only idiots spend $28.00 for a tee shirt. The tee-shirt market is saturated. $10,000.00 GROSS, minus acquisition costs, time and ad costs, Etc. = about $500.00 NET (IF you're lucky). Anybody that believes this kind of krap needs to demand a full-refund of whatever money they spent on an education – obviously, they didn't learn anything…. they can make more money working at McDonalds.

  6. Not sure whether it's deliberate confusion or not, but there's a massive difference between profit and revenue. I'd say about 2K out of this 10K attainable, if you really push it. Click bait.

  7. Okay… if t-shirt cost 27.99$ on your shop, you need to pay 12.95$(Bella + Canvas 3001) to POD Company to print that t-shirt without your branding label(that's plus 2.50$)! Plus shipping costs about 5$ for the USA, even more for other countries(Printful prices), plus payment fee somewhere around 2$. You've actually earned only 8.04$. If you sell 12 shirts daily you will earn 96.48$ per day and 2894.4$ per month. For 10K profit, you need to sell more than 40 t-shirts per day!


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