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Aliexpress is a reliable option for testing and sourcing products whilst in the starting phases of your business.. but is it a reliable long-term option for fulfillment? Find out in this video, thanks for watching.

Suppliers Mentioned In This Video:

Jacky – https://www.facebook.com/jh888888
CJ – https://cjdropshipping.com/
Alan (Only if you’re doing high volume 50+ a day) – https://www.facebook.com/alan.coughlan.148

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  1. You are suggesting to buy the products, but you forgot that you are addressing this video to dropshippers. You said : "order them in bulk!"? The whole point is not to buy the product but dropshipping. Dude, make up your mind: are you suggesting dropshipping or to buy products on wholesale price? Then it's NOT dropshipping!

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  3. Truth. Back in 2015 I found out AliExpress and I started to make a killing with dropshipping. I've never made so much money in my life. Then the problems started… The worst thing that happened was that I had placed thousands of dollars in orders from a seller. She was a five star seller and I had already sourced from her before.
    All of a sudden, she just stopped sending my orders. I had to refund thousands of dollars, and when I tried to contact her, she just "ghosted" on me. After some painful process, AliExpress refunded me SOME of the orders. The seller's store got deleted, I don't know if she deleted or AliExpress did it… Anyways… You think you would be safe on AliExpress by choosing only five stars sellers… If you belive that, you are in for a big surprise. To make things worse, AliExpress usually blocks buyers who asks for refunds, even if the sellers are at fault. Don't believe me? You can find similar stories all over the web.
    To sum it up… I went bankrupt because of this and only now, after three years, I am recovering. I will start a new business. For starters, I will source from AliExpress competitors… DealExtreme, BangGood, GearBest, Light in the Box… I tested all of them already. What is good about them is that, as they are not marketplaces, but proper stores, their product quality and service are consistent. I will favor quality over price, from now on. Low prices are good for making quick cash. But quality is what keeps your business alive on the long run.
    Do not rely on AliExpress! They will let you down, eventually…

  4. Nothing but empty bs that benefits nobody. Find an agent, who works with manufacturers and finds the cheapest price? Oh yeah, while I sit in America, I find the agent or connection in China. And I had to listen to a young American bullshitter to know that principle. Get a life man. You are nothing short of a snake oil salesman like the rest of them on youtube.

  5. My Question would be = If ordering via Aliexpress from china doesn't that mean a long wait for delivery to customer ?? or if Delivery time is reasonable doesn't that mean expensive charges .

  6. Drop shipping is so easy, you just sell and your supplier will ship for you. I figured Shopify is the best option for drop shipping, and connecting with CJ Dropshipping can list products and process orders automatically.


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