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In this video I explain How To CONSISTENTLY Make $10,000+ PER MONTH On Shopify (Dropshipping Strategy). For more Shopify dropshipping content, be sure to subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching this video: How To CONSISTENTLY Make $10,000+ PER MONTH On Shopify (Dropshipping Strategy)

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  1. I just wanted to say your connent is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. ! I'm finding an answer to almost all my questions in your videos ! You're helping so much !! Thank you for that ! Just thank you ! I'm not yet making money with dropshipping because I struggled so much and already tried many different things, BUT I have a plan now and I'm sure this time will work, or at least I'm on the right path now ! I know – as you said – it'll take maybe 50 tries more – BUT because of your videos I'm confident the first time it's gonna work ! You know in Germany many things with ecommerce are totally different .. so I got some really usefull outcomes now – I'll go into another market and stuff . And for everyone else – don't give up ! It WILL work in the end ! It's time to build our life ! There are so many possibilities in todays world, we have to think different ! Peace 🙂

  2. love your videos, well love the nuggets in the videos at least, and I respect what you're doing with the channel but gotta say the content is getting a little stale. 10-20 minute videos with click bait titles and only 30 seconds of real value is just that, lacking value. The more valuable the content, the more valuable the following. I'm not an expert just a dude with a marketing degree, if you can figure out a way to bring your viewers more value without giving up your training, you will have a more valuable, loyal, and profitable audience

  3. Bro I’m keeping up on every single video. Keep the content coming and my viewership will definitely be here.
    Finally have some capital to start myself a store!
    Would you recommend 5-7 products or one product stores?

  4. Hayden, I'm testing a product right now that has worked very very well for people in the past. I am testing 12 different ad sets ( mainly just different interests and audiences) but I made a video ad for it. For a video ad is it best to still do WC, or would engagement or video views work best? I'm testing all 3 but it's hard to know if VV and E campaigns are converting. Also, If I am getting lots of initiate checkouts (25+ over the course of one day with 3 adsets at $5/day each) and barely any sales, what would be best to do? I'm working on getting a better cart recovery system set up right now.


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