How To Make Money On Instagram With Maxbounty 2018

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What CPA Network to Use?

When I did this method I used MaxBounty with zero complaints. They have a huge selection of mobile offers which are required for this method and a friendly support team. PeerFly is by far the most popular, but I’ve had nightmarish experiences with their support team and not getting paid.

Tip: Easy Way to Get Approved to CPA Network

The rise of mobile offers gives you a nice little loophole for easy approval. When I signed up for my MaxBountyaccount and received the call from them I just told them “I’ve been marketing CPA offers for a long time, but really want to get into mobile offers which I noticed they had a lot of”. The guy (Ryan) was very friendly and basically approved my account just for saying that. Though, it does help a lot if you have a quality website to submit with your application. There are plenty of other guides here on ***** for getting approved too, check them out.

Don’t be alarmed if your application takes a while to get approved. It can take up to 7 days or as little as 24 hours to hear back.

Step 1 – Choosing The Right Offer

The offers that convert best on Instagram are email/zip submits for things like Free iPhones, Free Xboxes, Free Macbooks, etc. Make sure you read the offer description because some email/zip submits require more than one page to get paid. People are lazy. They’re not likely to fill out more than just their email address or zip code.

Offers like these should pay you $0.85 – $1.00. On occasion you’ll find one page offers that pay up to $1.85. If the network you’re on doesn’t have offers like these I recommend going else where. That’s the price range you should be looking for. This way you only need 10 – 20 people to fill out your offer a day.

Make a list of about 5 of these offers before moving on to the next step.

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