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What are the best affiliate networks for beginners? Here is my Top 5 Affiliate Networks valid for 2017 and 2018.

#1 Clickbank – the best affiliate network for beginners. It specializes on digital products – ebooks, videos, courses, etc. They offer products in all sort of categories and niches. They also pay one of the best commissions which is 50-75% on average. Easy to get approved for beginners. All you have to do is register with them, choose a product and start promoting.

#2 Amazon Associates – this affiliate program is also perfect for beginners. If want to promote physical products, then affiliate program of Amazon is your choice number one. I put this network to the 2nd place because it is a little bit harder to get approved. You have to have a website rich in content to get approved. Then you have to make your first sales within a certain period of time. You also want to read their TOS carefully. They are quite strict about their rules.

#3 ShareASale – this affiliate network offers a great combination of both physical and digital products. They have a wide range of different niches and categories. You have to register with the network and then apply to each affiliate program individually. It may be a little bit difficult to get approved by reputable established brands as a beginner, but ShareASale has so many brands that any beginner can find some partners to work with.

#4 CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) – this affiliate network works similar way to ShareASale. You register with them, then apply for each affiliate program individually inside the platform. CJ has also both physical and digital products. Yet I would say that they more focused on higher tier brands comparing.

#5 “Keyword” + Affiliate Program – this little trick allows you to find endless amount of affiliate program for beginners and advanced level. I use it all the time when I want to promote a particular product or can’t find in other networks what I look for. Many companies and brands offer their own native affiliate program and are not partnered with any of the networks.

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  1. Thank you for making this video ! I am very new to all this and I find what you said is true. I am struggling to make any money on shareASale first of all because it is a bit difficult to get accepted by the best merchants and then just being new I don't have much audience that engages with my posts/ Pinterest. This is certainly something that takes a lot of time to make decent money out of.


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