Learn how to make passive income online with Amazon affiliate marketing! If you have been looking for a way to make money online, the Amazon affiliate program is definitely something you need to check out! I earn roughly $80-$120 per month using the Amazon affiliate program and it’s ridiculously easy to begin. With that being said, there are some very important pointers that I give during this video so make sure you pay close attention!



  1. Great stuff man I do reviews on books 📚 I get over 200 clicks a month but don't have a single sell yet o have over a half dozen books I promote with links and on my website. What am I Doing wrong. Or is my audience just not buying. Or may already have. Any thoughts or advice. Thank you I love you channel.

  2. Great information Nate! Just getting started in Amazon Affiliates and had no idea that you got a commission for all purchases, not just the one your link is for!
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  3. I dont know if you heard of this investing site or app called stash. what is your opinion or review about this site? I don't see a lot of investor youtubers talk about it. I would love to see a video about that. great work nate.


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