What the heck is an Email Auto-responder? Well you have been using one for years and not even known it.
Ideal for sending newsletters, or online marketing atoresponders are a terrific productivity tool but there are rules, my goodness so many rules!

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  1. Hi Steve, Why does no one talk about Sendgrid as an Email Autoresponder? 40,000 email sends a month at $10… I love your videos and got some great advice for Evernote over the years on your other videos, however, when you start building up your email list and not making sales Aweber can become costly, and I know the problem with WordPress autoresponder plugins is poor deleverability, so why not use a WordPress Autoresponder to hold unlimited email addresses and Sendgrid for the best deleverability rate, Spotify, Uber, Glassdoor all use Sendgrid, whats your thoughts Steve, all the best David

  2. Hello Steve,

    Thanks for your video, it was very informative. I am very new to Online Marketing; and I was researching Aweber because I recently purchased the service of a platform that uses Aweber to build my email list, create opt in pages, landing pages etc. All in real time. I would appreciate your feedback on this product. If you are not familiar with it? Here is a link so you can check it out. I would greatly appreciate your expert opinion on it?


    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Erika Nino

  3. Hi Steve:

    I am new to email marketing and this video was absolutely dynamite. Your expertise, your knowledge, your confidence, and your personality all work together to keep the viewer engaged and leave them knowledgable. Also, I really appreciate how you broke down the terms and didn't assume that everyone knew what each meant. You broke down very difficult concepts in a very understandable way. Thank you.

  4. I'm a self-published author who's looking to set up a newsletter for my supporters. Cost is an issue for me, but I also want it to look professional. Which service would you recommend? I do have experience with building websites, so I doubt Aweber would be that difficult for me.

    I want to set up a sign-up option for readers who want a free book. In order to get it, they will have to sign up for my free newsletter.

  5. Hi Steve,
    I recently subscribed to your channel. I found your video useful, and it could be a little more helpful if you would have shown the sign up opt-in form builder inside the dashboard.

  6. Thanks Steve!  I appreciate your thoughts.  I have been using MailChimp and have been told that I should consider something more like AWeber or GetResonpse.  Thoughts?  I look forward to learning more from you.

  7. la aplicacion es excelente pero sus metodos de cobro son casi de usurero pues en mi caso me dijeron que la suscripcion era por treinta dias gratis y cuando hice la transaccion me cobraron tres meses y ademas me pusieron el pago recurrente que no se pudo quitar sino hasta pagar otros tres meses, tengan cuidado de esta empresa y ademas ni me regresaron el dinero aunque solo medio utilice el servicio por tres meses y mande una reclamacion y solo me bloquearon mi cuenta

  8. A very reasoned and informative video, thanks dottotech. I would also add that it must be remembered that marketers are individuals and each has his/her own very unique needs and wants and some of these autoresponders may satisfy one person but not another despite being in the same niche or market. This is often misunderstood. What works for one person may not work for another. It must also be accepted today that to be effective for online business, an autoresponder must also satisfy 5 essential criteria and not all autoresponders are created equally! Online marketing and email marketing has changed and is constantly evolving so it is important to choose an autoresponder that has kept up with these changes and continuously protects your list and, as you say, prevents you from getting blacklisted.

  9. I cannot–for the life of me–even understand why business owners are still paying twice, or even almost 4x's as much for Aweber and Get Response and Mail Chimp when there is a much smarter and less expensive solution on the market; and with more features.

  10. Thanks Steve, Thanks for the excellent summary concerning Auto-responders and for confirming that I made the right choice (for our process) by selecting MailChimp.  Everything you explained about Aweber, as you noted, translates perfectly to the little monkey.  Thanks also for your general commentaries.  I really needed to hear from a human who "Is there and Does that".  Now I can dive back in to my first global auto-responder "campaign". That means "Broadcast" in chimpanzee.  

  11. Really appreciate the 1 min executive summary 🙂 when I hear "auto-responder" I don't think so much "mailing list manager" but rather "vacation responders" – what I've been looking for is something very sophisticated that responds based on some kind of context/state related to that person – have u discovered anything in this capacity? Or is this what more advanced list managers are capable of?

  12. Hey Mr. Dotto! Want to tell you that I have watched you for years on TV before I even owned a computer. As soon as I did though I skipped using word processors and went to developing and marketing online. So to see the work and content you're producing now is truly a wonderful surprise. Keep it up! You rock!

  13. Thank you Steve, that was helpful, I am currently looking into start sending newsletters to our customers and was browsing the internet and youtube for the last week or so on opinions which service to use. Your video came just at the right time and after watching it I think I made up my mind and go with MailChimp. We are in BC as well and have to deal with the new strict Anti-Spam law so hearing from you that MailChimp complies with it gives me some peace of mind. 


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