Simple way to do email marketing using gmail.

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  4. Very intersting article , The details were very detailed for email marketing. But issue such as paid email is mostly the only option.Else you might get your mail blocked (making your rarning to zero) I tried a mail recently and got unlimited e-mailing .definitely try this out. I am pasting the link for you.

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  6. Oh hey! Nice video you have there! Very Infomative clip you have; have you used the services from " Vidadsmedia Email Tools " (just google it)? My brother had some dealings with them and was impressed by their great knowledge on email tools!

  7. That pretty much may be the definition of spamming… thanks for sharing but NO! good businesses let the clients email them by themselves if they need anything… might aswell create a good e-commerce website with a kick ass layout that creates good traffic daily and it is SEO friendly.. i pick that over spam any day of the year.

  8. Sorry, but Email Marketing cannot be more inefficient by using Gmail. I think you never spent a thought on the sender score. Not that most emails will be hard bounced, you risk to get blocked your gmail account, too.


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