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  1. hey there Hayden, so you are saying that right now we can just jump right in to facebook (of course given that you already mastered how it works) instead of going through instagram influencers to try and get those 100 purchases for your pixel? i hope i did not asked a confusing question lol. we're currently building our site in the fashion accessory niche tried running some engagement and traffic campaigns already previously and I think I kind of got the hang of it now. So i guess the question i was trying to ask was, Can I start right in with facebook without doing instagram influencers if i'm confident with my targeting skills in fb?

  2. Okay so I've never bought the course but I've been experimenting since August and here's what I think the secret is I never hear. It takes 50 conversions a week for an ad to be optimized. So if you go for the easiest and it's a winning product(view content) it should be optimized for a few days. Then let it build until you get enough ads to cart to duplicate it with ATC. Then after ATC gets optimized,duplicate that one for purchases.

  3. Hi Hayden, what do you think, is it worth it to start my store in local country (Poland) where competition is much smaller as well as advertising is cheaper or it's better to get into US market? Thanks


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