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Continuing our mini series of videos How to Promote Clickbank Products without a website, here is Part 3. In this video I show how you can promote Clickbank products without having a website on Facebook.

There are few ways how you can promote Clickbank products without a website on Facebook. And in this video I show the best of them in my opinion.

Why is it the best? Because this method has a potential not only to make a quick buck, but also start a sustainable business. You can actually build your audience and grow your loyal followers following this method.

And along the way make sales on regular basis.

Also, I’ve been working on a complete Affiliate Marketing training that will be available 100% free for all my email subscribers. If you are already subscribed to any of my email lists, then you will get notified. If not – you can sign up here and I personally will send you an email notification!

How to promote Clickbank products without a website:
Part 1 – (using Google)
Part 2 – (using YouTube)
Part 4 – (using Email Marketing)

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  1. Does Facebook now allow to post such shortened affiliate links? Or I have to post shortened URL of a blog or landing page related to the product I'm promoting.

  2. Good video, but I'm surprised you chose a cryptocurrency-related group. Facebook isn't crypto-friendly and every one of my ads that contained the word "cryptocurrency" has been disapproved.


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